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IMG_20170621_124537235So, it’s been a while since I posted anything. I have been writing a bit, planning some more, and also dithering over whether I should release my short stories as single entities or a collection. They revolve around Halloween so I should probably get on that.
Anyway, my best buddy Eoin (aka my son), has been ordering me to make up stories for him lately. Here’s the first, it has a mythological vibe. It’s probably a bit dark for your average five-year-old, but as I said, he is my kid. Here goes –



Eoin, Hero of Leinster

Once upon a time there was a warrior named Eoin, who was the greatest hero in all of Leinster. He spent his days roaming the province, protecting the people from bandits and monsters.

One day he came across a village devoid of children. The people of the village had a sad story. There was a monster that lived in a nearby cave who came at night and took their children to eat. Eoin was shocked at this, and promised to slay the beast.

After searching the hills, Eoin finally came across a cave, and sure enough, a hideous monster slept outside, while children played around him. Eoin drew his sword, which was as big as a man and had emeralds in its hilt. He crept up on the creature, but it awoke and readied for battle.

To Eoin’s surprise, the monster spoke. “Who are you, and why do you disturb my slumber?”

“I am Eoin, hero of Leinster,” he replied. “The people of a nearby village have sent me to slay you. They say you steal their children to eat.”

The monster gaped in surprise. “They say I eat the children? Do these children look eaten to you? I rescue the children from the village. Those rogues sell their children into slavery, just so they have more money for themselves.”

Now it was Eoin’s turn to be shocked. “What you say has a ring of truth. These children do look happy. I will return to the village to investigate.”

When Eoin came back to the village, he hid in the woods for some time, watching how the people behaved. Indeed, the people looked less distressed than when they sent him on his quest. In fact, they looked rather pleased with themselves. The town looked plentiful, and the people well fed. Eoin went to the town hall to approach the council again.

“Have you completed our task?” asked the Mayor.

“I have found the monster, and spoken with it,” replied Eoin.

“The monster SPEAKS?” asked the mayor. The other council members glanced at each other nervously.

“It does,” replied Eoin. “It told me what you really do with your children. You are the real monsters here. I will visit your town periodically, and if I hear you have harmed the monster or sold another child, I will slay,” he drew his sword and held it to the mayor’s throat, “YOU!”

The End


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