What Next?

So, the release of The King is Dead ran relatively smoothly, with the minor hiccough of the paperpack release being delayed a couple of days. Apparently this is typical of our friends at Amazon. Also typical is the separation of e-book and paperback into two different entities. This should be fixed soon enough, but it skews the sales a little. Not that I’m all about the sales (don’t mention that to my wife). The big question now is “What next?” Do I rest on my laurels and say “Hey, scratched that one off my bucket list,” or write something else?

Well, here’s the answer. Right now I’m working on three separate projects, any of which could be released next. The most likely candidate for next up is a collection of short stories, roughly fitting into the horror genre, but based on Irish folklore. Some of these tales will be a retelling of stories I heard when I was a kid. Also on the list is a novel loosely based on the Second Battle of Moytura (or Cath Maighe Tuireadh for Gaelic speakers), a famous Irish legend. The third is a novel which veers more into traditional fantasy. Well, it has ogres in it.

When any of these may be released is another matter. Bear in mind it took two years to write the relatively short The King is Dead. I’ve started all three to some degree, so that’s something. I’m planning on getting one out by this summer, so watch this space. I’ll post some insider info on the various different factions in the BoM just for fun.


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