Review: Na Akua, by Clayton Smith

31841490At this stage in his prolific writing career, Clayton Smith has mastered the persona of the cynical everyman thrown into impossible situations. Na Akua continues in that vain.
The story introduces us to Grayson Park, a Missouri high school teacher, who is visiting beautiful Maui on his honeymoon. This is no ordinary honeymoon though, as Grayson was left standing at the author by his bride-to-be, and decides to take the trip he paid for. Talk about impossible situations.

Once there, Grayson’s drunken exploits earn him the ire of the other hotel patrons, until a seemingly chance meeting with a surreally beautiful woman changes not just Grayson’s trip, but his his perception of what is real.

Smith has crafted a fun tale, laced through with his trademark cynicism, as his hero struggles to keep a grip on reality. Along for the ride is his faithful sidekick and Hawaiian native Polunu, who provides the heart of duo. The author captures the beauty of Maui, and introduces us to the mythology of the Islands.

Grayson stretches the boundaries of the anti-hero, making all the wrong choices, much to the constant amusement of Polunu, and survives more on dumb luck than any skill or mental acuity.

Na Akua is an amusing tale with more than enough adventure to keep you turning the page.

Rating: 8/10

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